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Skin care is personal. What works for one person may not work for another. That’s why we have multiple skin care options available — all of which are customizable — to help you treat your skin right.

Choose from the following skin care treatments:

Geneo 3-IN-1 Oxy Facial- $175 (60-75 minutes)

This superfacial works from the inside out! Combining oxygenation and exfoliation of the skin to provide skin renewal, improvement of skin tone, texture, hydration and an immediate glow. Exfoliate, oxygenate and nourish your skin, while targeting wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne & more. Infuse your skin with power house ingredients like vitamin c, red algae and green tea. Hydrate, cleanse, and revitalize your skin with this chemical peel alternative.

Microdermabrasion $125 (Up to 60 minutes)

Looking for a microderm with more hydration? Try our hydra-dermabrasion. Designed to combine oxygen and water to hydrate, exfoliate and firm the skin. Diamond dermabrasion is synonymous with beautiful skin. This treatment is a sweep (exfoliation) of the outer layer of skin through a system based on diamond tips. Designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles and more, giving your skin the lift it needs!
Looking for a microderm with more hydration? Try our hydradermabrasion. Designed to combine oxygen and water to hydrate, exfoliate and firm the skin for just $140

Clarify Peel— $125 (60 minutes)

This advanced chemical peel service is designed to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin, reducing hyperpigmentation and fine lines. This lifting skin care service has no down time, allowing you to get right back to your routine.

Signature Facial — $110 (60 minutes)

This facial is great for all skin types! Enjoy a pampering experience while cleansing, rejuvenating, resurfacing, and hydrating your skin! try a more treatment focused Signature Facial with one of the following facial upgrades below:

Anti Aging Contour and Lift Facial- $110 (up to 75 minutes)

Designed to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles. This facial combines the use of vitamin c, hydrating products and a mask that stimulates collagen, firms and hydrates the skin! Can take up to 75 mins.

Breakouts Be-GONE Facial- $110 (up to 75 minutes)

This facial deep cleansing and extraction based facial targets bacteria and free radicals that contribute to acne, inflammation and itching. This facial includes the use of benzoyl peroxide treatments and our White Tea hydrojelly mask that restores ph balance, flushes out toxins and reduces inflammation! Can take up to 75 mins.

Clean, Clear and Calming Facial- $110 (up to 75 minutes)

Illuminate and restore even skin tone and texture. This facial focuses on hyperpigmentation and includes a deep vitamin c exfoliation that assists lightening and resurfacing the skin. This facial also includes Egyptian Rose hydrojelly mask, which is designed to reduce age spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Can take up to 75 mins

Back Facial — $100 (60 minutes)

It’s not all about face! Whether you’re worried about hyperpigmentation or acne, this customized back facial can give you nourished and renewed skin.

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